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Our people – a key asset for further growth

“In 2020, we expanded our global team by 100 highly skilled employees to 435, representing 41 different nationalities.”

Scatec’s ability to drive people’s development is critical to delivering on our strategy. In 2020, we broadened our strategy with the aim of accelerating growth and becoming a global leader in renewable energy. Our people will play a crucial role in achieving our goals.

During the year, we expanded our team with 100 highly skilled full-time employees, increasing the total number of permanent employees to 435. Women make up 30% of all full-time employees. We have a young, diverse and dynamic workforce with an average age of 37 and a total of 41 nationalities.

We embrace diversity and inclusion in our practices, policies, and procedures including, but not limited to, hiring processes, performance and rewards, learning and development programmes and other initiatives. In 2020, we updated our HR policy to include a section on diversity and inclusion, and in 2021 we will further strengthen our efforts by launching a diversity and inclusion policy. Further information on diversity and inclusion is available in the Statement on equality and anti-discrimination, as well as Scatec’s Diversity & Inclusion policy.

Although the pandemic had limited impact on our business and operations, it has been a different year in terms of how we execute our work. Everyone misses various aspects of being in the office and we all share the need for an adequate workspace and common arenas. Scatec has focused on meeting this need through initiatives such as online exercise for employees, grants for home office equipment, online social events and regular lunch learning sessions.

In 2020, our employee engagement survey presented how most employees find Scatec a great place to work. Being able to compare with previous years, the results showed a positive trend on all questions. The questions with the highest scores were the following: 95% of employees are proud to tell others that they work at Scatec, 88% say Scatec is a great place to work, and 84% say management keeps them informed about important issues and changes. We are proud of these results in a year otherwise dominated by uncertainty.

A continuous dialogue between leader and employee is essential for enabling improvement. Our performance development process is the structured embodiment of this dialogue, and it includes all employees every year.

Training is key for driving people’s development. Our e-learning courses were diligently used throughout the year, with a total of 1,490 hours of mandatory and other training time. The courses cover a variety of topics such as human rights, introduction to Scatec, and various IT and project-related trainings. In 2020, we added two gamified trainings to our e-learning portfolio to raise the general knowledge among employees on two key topics: our Code of Conduct and IT security. The trainings were an immense success, with 528 users and an average of 51.1 plays per user for the Code of Conduct training, and 464 users and 49.3 plays on average for the IT security training.

Cultivating and promoting sound leadership is a key priority for Scatec, because leadership as a competence is critical for delivering on our strategy and reaching targets as we grow into a global renewables company. A key leadership development initiative includes our global leadership development programme with 22 participants running for nine months. In addition, the leadership development modules and master classes offered were completed by 100 employees in 2020.

Scatec is a truly global company, and in 2021 a key focus will be to strengthen our competence across various renewables technologies, and to successfully integrate new colleagues into the organisation following the acquisition of SN Power from Norfund. Our diverse, global and flexible workforce will remain our most important asset for delivering on our growth strategy. Empowering our people and enhancing their competence and abilities are among the most important investments we make.